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"My children love classes at Smart Linguists. They have been going to the summer camps and some of the after-school programs for many years. I love the fact that Smart Linguists has teachers that are native speakers from different countries. It is great that kids get exposed to different cultures and to different intonations and accents from different countries. I highly recommend Smart Linguists to native and non-native Spanish students."


 -Mayra K.-R., Scarsdale NY, mother of stundents aged 8 and 9 years old


"I'm so happy that we found Smart Linguists. As a parent, I'm excited about all the progress Darcy has made since he started classes. As an educator, I'm impressed with the materials and strategies your teachers use to engage and challenge him. Because of Smart Linguists, Darcy reads, speaks, and understands more Spanish than my husband or I could ever have taught him at home. Even my mother, who speaks fluent Spanish, is surprised at how many words he now recognizes when she speaks to him. Spanish is such an important part of my family's history and heritage, and I'm enormously grateful to Smart Linguists for helping me to pass this legacy on to my son. Enrolling Darcy in your program has been one of the best investments we've made in his academic and cultural education. Not only has Darcy's Spanish proficiency improved substantially in the last two years, but now he even wants to learn new languages. We're so thankful for your program, and we look forward to any opportunity we might have to recommend it to others." 


  -Ivelisse R.B, Ardsley NY, mother of student aged 7 years old

"Smart Linguists has been nothing but amazing for my 4 year daughter. She started the Preschool classes in the fall with very little knowledge of the Spanish language. By the time she finished the class in June, she was able to speak Spanish very well. I witnessed it during the parent visit. Bravo Smart Linguists!! Highly recommended!!!"

  -Melissa C.-A., Harrison NY, mother of student aged 4 years old

"We speak mostly English at home but wanted our daughter to have all the cognitive benefits of second-language acquisition.

Smart Linguists fully immersed her in Spanish learning and made it fun, too. She loved her teacher and we found the program to be a great start for our daughter's Spanish education."

  -Douglas, Ossining NY, father of student aged 4 years old

"My husband and I searched high and low for a Spanish class to enroll our son in and were lucky to find Smart Linguists. There are surprisingly few Spanish classes for kids his age (2) but we wanted him to have a head start to becoming bilingual. Paula and his soon to be teacher Susan were welcoming when we stopped by to check the program out before we enrolled in classes. The room was fun and inviting and I knew it would be a great space for learning. My mother has been taking my son for the Mommy and Me immersion classes for over a year now and he (and she) know more Spanish than I could have imagined. Numbers, colors, phrases and even full songs are easy for him. He will be transitioning into the class without my mom and we are excited to see his progression. You will be surprised at just how much toddlers brains pick up and that age is the perfect time to start learning a different language. We are so grateful. Amamos a los lingüistas inteligentes!"

  -Natalie W., Hartsdale NY, mother of a student aged 3 years old

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